Local Hero?

Thursday, October 07, 2004

And so it begins...

In the car yesterday I heard a programme which speculated on whether people who worked for 'the public services' wiping peoples' backsides in local authority care homes were more dedicated than those who, say, worked for private companies wiping peoples' backsides in care homes. There wasn't really a definitive conclusion, let's face it, if you're wiping anyone else's backside but your own then you've either a very good or very bad reason for doing so.
Why all this? Well, for the last few years of my thirtysomething years I've been working for some local authorities in England and I'm inspired to speculate / write about / spout hot air on whether it's worth wasting the best years of ones life in the service of a faceless, grey synthetic suit-wearing organisation which treats innovation, creativity and risk-taking as if they were on a terrorism watch-list of character traits which might indicate you're getting ideas waaaaay above your station.


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